Parent Partnerships

What’s it all about then this much-talked about area : ‘Partnership with Parents’?

At Oatlands Pre-school we are passionate and dedicated to working together with the parents of the children who attend our setting, making them central to all that we do here. The EYFS term ‘Partnership with Parents’ is a means of recognising parents as the most enduring educators of their children and making them the focal source of information, alongside their children, to help us provide the best possible care and education for each and every child attending our setting.

How can we at Pre-school make our Partnership with Parents even better ?

Working together means that we look towards sharing together every milestone; big or small. By engaging with parents we aim to provide the highest standard of early education for each and every child. We recognise that parents are to be valued and appreciated as much as their children and that without parents as partners, our role wouldn’t exist.

How do we ensure at Pre-school that we are actively working with parents ?

    • Building a positive relationship with parents underpinned by trust is the first and most important step to engaging parents and ensuring they are actively involved in the decision making aspect of their child’s development.
    • Here at Oatlands Pre-school, we empower parents from the very beginning to make choices and inform us of key information regarding the care for their child. We ensure that every child selects their own key person based on attachment and bonding and that parents share the observation process which leads to the establishment of a key person.
    • We use various communication tools to ensure that every parent/carer receives detailed information about their child’s day.  We hold regular events inside and outside Pre-school for parents to engage with their children in our environment and to bond with our staff.
    • We use Tapestry Technology provides us with an innovative, exciting and inspirational ‘online journal’ which we use to record all the learning and fun of your child’s early years education journey with us. Sharing the children’s special moments at Pre-school in a way that is accessible to parents/carers wherever they may be.
    • Text, images and videos are securely uploaded via PC, tablet or mobile app – anywhere there’s an online connection. Every entry helps to create a complete story of each child’s time at with us at Pre-school.   To have parents able to view and comment on these ‘special moments’ and to be able to share with the setting their own stories of their child’s life outside Pre-school will have a lasting, and positive, effect on our partnership journey together.  Tapestry Technology Click here for more information on Tapestry

We’re committed to making ourselves available to parents whenever required. Fundamentally, we ensure that every single parent or carer knows each of our practitioners by name, parents can always expect a warm smile and a helping hand unconditionally, just the same as our children.

Our commitment to Parents as Partners is reflected through our daily practice and the Pre-school environment:

During the day our drop off & pick-up times are especially popular and often parents/carers will spend a few moments talking to our practitioners or playing with their child. We use a number of resources to promote positive communication with parents/carer at family handover time. As part of this we have reflected as a setting and identified an innovative communication tool which we believe adds value to our setting.

It’s not easy in Early Years, practitioners work in a fast paced environment and time is at a premium, to help us further develop our relationships with parents we will:

  • Make time for our practitioners to be approachable and available to parents as often as is needed.
  • Welcome parents whole heartedly, go the extra mile, show an interest and get to know them.
  • Show pride in their child’s achievements and all that they have done to help their child to get to that stage.
  • Appreciate our parents as partners sharing milestones and achievements together
  • Encourage our parents to be part of our setting management by actively promoting participation on our Management Committee, inviting them to committee meetings, inspiring them to share their ideas and positively promoting getting involved.

In the coming year we hope to identify some approaches for actively engaging with the ‘special people in our lives’ and dads;

  • As well as our ‘Pre-school librarian – Ken Webb’ who runs the weekly library sessions we have also attracted some former and current dad’s to our Volunteer & Committee Team this year – they are a fantastic addition, bringing with them expertise and new ideas!
  • At Oatlands Pre-school we are incredibly lucky in having enthusiastic and engaged parents who work with us together in partnership. Our strategies for engaging with parents in the EYFS revolve around empowering parents. We hope to host events that celebrate all the ‘special people in our lives’ through displays and social stories within our setting.