Team work!

All weather play – part of my everyday at Oatlands Pre-school!

All weather play suits funded by Cllr J. Ennis, Oatlands Division

The weather here in the UK is pretty unpredictable – so by having these out-door suits available in our setting at all times we can ensure that the children in our care are able to gain the most from the outdoors environment every day.  Our children are kept warm and dry, whilst making the most of what the weather has to offer, by using our all-weather playsuits.

We encourage and provide access to outdoor play at each and every session. As outdoor clothes may get messy please do not send children to Pe-school in their best clothes!! Our motto is “Dress for Mess” !

  • Thanks to the Locality Grant & Cllr John Ennis – we purchased these fantastic outdoor suits

    Some of the benefits of enjoying the outdoors in all weathers include:

    • The sensory experience of listening to and feeling different weather conditions such as the wind, rain, and snow.
    • Discovering about seasons and the changes that happen in the environment such as crunchy leaves falling off the trees
    • Holistic development
    • Learning to manage the new risks that come with different weathers such as drinking lots of water and sun cream when it’s hot, or being careful of ice when it’s cold
    • Discovering about living things in the environment when the weather changes for example frogs may come out when it rains
    • New EYFS learning experiences such as painting with wet mud when it’s raining or catching rain in containers and talking about quantities and numbers
    • Plus many fun activities such as den building to keep dry or to provide shelter from the sun, splashing in puddles, crunching leaves, minibeast hunting and much more

    All weather play – part of my everyday at Oatlands Pre-school!