We took the children to the infants sports day yesterday and they had a fantastic time watching the big children taking part in all the activities. We even had a few races of our own!

A new adventure for us!

Some of the children will be leaving us in July to start at their various ‘big schools’ in September.  This is the start of a new adventure: playing and interacting with new friends, sharing, taking turns and settling into a new routine.  This is not the start of your child’s education, which began at birth with you as your child’s most influential educator.  Luckily for us here at Oatlands Pre-school, we have also shared part of the journey with you and your child.

As the “first day of big school” approaches, here are some ideas that might help make the transition:-

  • Make trips past school – chat with your child how they will go into school (maybe with a friend or maybe with you or maybe by themselves?)
  • Mention the teachers by name
  • Have playdates in the holidays with another new starter and potentially making an arrangement to come in together on the first day of term
  • Try on the uniform –  always exciting (and then label absolutely everything!)  choosing clothes and shoes for their school uniform that are easy for them to get on and off, such as shoes with Velcro, trousers or skirts with stretchy waistbands and t-shirts rather than shirts with buttons
  • Read stories relating to starting school
  • Encourage independence in dressing/undressing, hanging up clothes, putting on/taking off shoes as well as in using the bathroom, and washing/drying hands


You could volunteer at your child’s school. Most schools welcome the help and there are lots of things you could do, such as listening to children read, preparing art and craft materials, going on school trips or talking about your job, culture or festivals.

If you want to volunteer regularly, you may need to have a Disclosure and Barring Service check. The check is free for volunteers and is in place to protect children and vulnerable adults.

Volunteering can be a great way to use your skills to help others, learn something new and meet new people.