At Oatlands Pre-school we are passionate about, and dedicated to, working together with the parents of the children who attend our setting, making them central to all that we do here.  The EYFS term ‘Partnership with Parents’ is a means of recognising parents as the most enduring educators of their children and making them the focal source of information, alongside their children, to help us provide the best possible care and quality education for each and every child attending our setting.  Creating strong parent/carer partnerships has always been an incredibly important aspect to us here at Pre-school and it is a central part of the EYFS which aims to ensure every child can reach their full potential.   Click here for more information about the Early Years Statutory Framework 2017. 

Click here for an extensive information guide about your child’s learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage called What to Expect, When ?

Working together means that we look towards sharing together every milestone; big or small.  By engaging with parents we aim to provide the highest standard of early education for each and every child.  We recognise that parents are to be valued and appreciated as much as their children and that without parents as partners, our role wouldn’t exist.

At Oatlands Pre-school our staff team aim to be as flexible as possible in their approach to building strong and resilient parent/carer partnerships.   To help us give the children in our care confidence, support, and the continuity they need to settle fully, to help them actively learn, explore and discover we place great emphasis on the relationships that we build and how we build them. 

Even before the children have started in our setting we have embarked on our partnership journey.  Our home visits offer the Pre-school Manager and the child’s potential Key Person the opportunity to meet the parent/carer and child in their own environment, to share in the child’s home routine and discover their likes and dislikes – this vital information can then be extended into our setting, helping each child to feel safe and secure as they begin their transition to Pre-school.  Home visits also help to create a shared level of achievement expectation between the parent/carer and the setting.  We use other opportunities to build strong and resilient parent/carer partnerships including daily feedback, parents evenings, questionnaires, weekly newsletters, updates, events, toddler group and Tapestry which is an online learning record which can be used to share with parents and carers the children’s daily experiences – we are always looking for ways to improve and find that building strong partnerships is an ever-changing, ever-evolving process.   

We are always looking for ways to make our partnerships even stronger and we welcome feedback about how we can work together to achieve this.