Sensory Room

IMG_8238Our Sensory Room is a truly unique and wonderful experience for all of our Pre-school children. Furthermore, we’re proud and privileged to be the only Pre-school in the local area to have a Sensory Room and we are keen to show you all of the benefits this new interactive space can provide.


IMG_8188From dark den tents and starlit sky projectors to sound stations, voice recorders and lots more, the Sensory Room provides the opportunity for our children to enjoy using and developing the four senses, touch, smell, sound and see with the wide and exciting resources we have.  The room contains resources and equipment for all age and stages within our setting and are we constantly planning and improving this area to meet all of our children’s needs.


IMG_8200Our Sensory Room is also an excellent space for children who may need extra support and a quiet space away from the business of the main Pre-school room. It provides an excellent environment to develop personal social and emotional development as well as physical development.


Since the opening of the Sensory Room, the staff have been able to use it to help settle new starters and create a bond between a child and their key person, this has had a huge impact on the children’s learning within the setting and has also created an opportunity for staff to use the space to encourage children to work together in small groups to begin to form friendships with peers.